07. Weeds


Herbicide Resistant Grassweeds - Are You at Risk?
Herbicide resistant grassweeds are a major threat to the sustainability of arable cropping. The solution lies in understanding what practices pose the highest risk on the farm. This simple risk assessment helps identify these practices and suggests methods for risk reduction. Published by Defra, PSD, produced by Rothamsted & ADAS. July 2004.
Managing and Preventing Herbicide Resistance in Weeds - WRAG Guidelines (HGCA Leaflet)
Herbicide resistance typically increases production costs and limits options for herbicides, cultivations and rotations. As weeds are relatively immobile, the development of resistance is usually due to practice on individual farms. This HGCA/WRAG leaflet advises on how best to manage resistance in some common cereal weeds. 2003
Minimising Environmental Impacts of Cereal Herbicides
Pesticides Forum document giving practical guidelines for minimising the environmental impacts of cereal herbicides. It includes guidance on crop rotations, sowing dates, wildlife and water protection, sources of pesticides in the environment and equipment loading and cleaning advice. Pesticides Forum, circa 2004.
Weeds - Grass Weeds Information and Photo Gallery
ADLib Support Information - Photo gallery with support information on many grass weeds. 2005.