04. Nutrient Planning


ARCHIVE: Fertiliser Manual (RB209)
The Fertiliser Manual (the 8th Edition of RB209) replaces the old Fertiliser Recommendations 7th edition (2000). It provides recommendations for the use of lime and major nutrients (N, P, K, S, Mg, Na) on most field-grown crops including arable, grassland, field vegetables and fruit. Additionally, it provides details of the content and supply of nutrients from a wide range of organic manures, and provides a wide range of background information on nutrient management. Defra, Welsh Assembly Government and FACTS, RB209 8th Edition, ISBN 978-0-11-243286-9, June 2010.
ARCHIVE: Nutrient Information Sheets
These documents have been archived at the request of the AIC, as they are now considered out of date. A set of 5 nutrient information sheets produced by the Agricultural Industries Confederation (AIC) covering Nitrogen, Potash, Sulphur, Phosphate and Lime. 2004.
International Fertiliser Society (IFS) - Proceedings
An index and search facility for the proceedings of the International Fertiliser Society (IFS) providing access to abstracts/summaries on the IFS web site. January 2005.
Mineral Deficiency in Plants. Diagnosis by Visual Symptoms - Photo gallery
These photographs (300+) have been taken from a Crown Copyright book published in 1943 and produced by Dr T Wallace, Long Ashton Research. Despite the age of the publication it is still one of the best collections of photographs available for identifying mineral deficiencies in plants by visual symptoms. First published in 1943, 2nd Edition 1951.