The Agricultural Document Library


About ADLib

Building on the library produced for the award winning EMA software, ADLib has been developed jointly by the Agriculture and Environment Research Unit (AERU) at the University of Hertfordshire and TLR Everysite Ltd, as a primary electronic resource for the industry.

The contents of ADLib work across the industry for farmers, advisors, retailers, educators, policy and planning organisations, and more. ADLib provides these groups with access to the information they need to push forward the sustainability of the industry, in line with public desires and legal demands.

Knowledge Transfer
ADLib contains documents and information from over 50 organisations who have granted us copyright permission to reproduce their material. If you and/or your organisation would like to utilise ADLib as a means of knowledge transfer, please contact us.


Our commitment
Our aim is to provide the industry with the information that supports and helps manage the change and development of agricultural practice in the 21st century.

ADLib is managed with a strict set of protocols that ensure all the information is regularly reviewed and updated. This ensures that users can readily obtain access to the most up to date information available.

The documents are also all cross-linked, and there are extensive searching and book-marking facilities.