06. Diseases


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Cereal Pests and Diseases - SAC Technical Notes & Photo Gallery
This resource contains 6 Technical Notes produced by the Scottish Agricultural College which provide guidance on the management of pests and diseases in wheat and barley. Also includes a photo gallery. Various publications dates - see individual leaflets.
Fireblight (PB10843)
Fireblight is a serious disease of apples, pears and related trees and shrubs. This leaflet describes the problems, symptoms, causes and offers advice. Defra, PB10843, 2005.
Grain Sampling Guides
This resource contains guidance, published by HGCA, on the sampling of grain. It includes the Grain Sampling Guide 2013, a poster explaining how to sample on farm and 'Grain sampling from field to buyer'. Variable dates - see individual guides. HGCA, Agriculture and Horticulture Development Board (AHDB), 2003-2013.
Grain Storage Guides
HGCA guide to grain storage third edition 2011 plus poster on insect and pest identification and guide to inspecting grain. HGCA, 2011.
Honey Fungus (Armillaria)
Honey fungus (Armillaria species) is a frequently diagnosed disease that affects a very wide range of woody & some herbaceous perennials in the UK. It is almost always fatal & is very difficult, & usually impractical, to control. Although this leaflet is mainly aimed at domestic gardeners it addresses many common concerns about honey fungus. RHS leaflet, 2004.
Karnal Bunt (PB10632)
Karnal bunt is a quarantine disease of wheat, durum wheat and triticale. It is caused by the fungal pathogen Tilletia indica.The disease is not present in the UK or the EU. If the pathogen were to be introduced it could establish and cause serious damage in the UK. Defra, PB10632, 2005.
Oilseed Rape Pests and Diseases & Photo Gallery - SAC Technical Notes
This resource contains 3 Technical Notes produced by the Scottish Agricultural College which provide guidance on the management of pests and diseases in oilseed rape. Includes photo gallery of OSR pests. Various publications dates - see individual leaflets.
Pea Diseases - SAC Technical Notes & Photo Gallery
Peas can suffer from a wide range of diseases, some of which are specific to the pea crop whilst others may also attack other crops in the rotation. This technical note from SAC describes the symptoms of the most common diseases and methods to prevent or control them. TN548, 2003.
Phytophthora kernoviae (PB10907)
Phytophthora kernoviae is a new and potentially serious pathogen of woodland environments. It was first discovered during inspections for another pathogen, Phytophthora ramorum - the causal agent of sudden oak death. This leaflet explains the problem, symptoms, its development and spread. FERA 2009, update of Defra, PB10907.
Phytophthora ramorum: A Practical Guide for the Nursery Stock & Garden Centre Industry (PB1041)
Phytophthora ramorum (Sudden Oak Death) is capable of causing serious damage to a wide range of ornamental plants, within which more hosts are being recognised, in nursery situations, woodlands and amenity plantings. This publication is a practical guide aimed at the nursery and garden centre industries. Defra, PB11041, 2005.
Phytophthora ramorum: Sudden Oak Death (PB8634b)
This disease has reached epidemic proportions in California where it is the causing death of many trees. It is commonly known as Sudden Oak Death. Incidences of the disease have now been found in the UK. This leaflet provides a background to the disease, explains the concerns and provides advice on identification and reporting. Fera (Defra), PB8634a Poster & PB8634b information sheet, 2009.
Plant Health Guide to Plant Passporting and Marketing Requirements (PB2160)
A guide to the passport and marketing requirements and regulations for ornamental, fruit and vegetable plant material. Defra, PB2160, December 2005.
Plant Health Strategy for England (PB11158)
This strategy document brings together existing policy on preventing, containing and eradicating plant pests and diseases. Defra, PB11158, August 2005.
Plant Pest & Disease Quarantine Identification Cards (PB1499, PB2219, PB2803, PB3079, PB3883, PB5002 & PB7291)
This resource holds Identification cards, containing images and descriptive text on various pests and diseases listed in EC plant health legislation. These identification cards are intended for growers who are registered with Defra to passport plant material under the EC single market arrangements. Other cards are available from Defra or CSL. Defra, PB1499, PB2219, PB2803, PB3079, PB3883, PB5002 & PB7291, 2000-2004.
Plants - Notifiable Pests and Disease Factsheets
A collection of Defra leaflets on a range of plant diseases and pests which are notifiable. These factsheets provide background information and photographic guidance of helping to identify them. Defra, 1997-2003.
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