03. Codes of practice


ARCHIVE: Water Code - The 1998 Code of Good Agricultural Practice for the Protection of Water (PB0587)
DEFRA Code of Practice providing sound, practical advice on the regulations, avoiding water pollution, farm waste management planning, managing organic manures and slurries, silage effluent, sheep dips, fuel oil and pesticides. It also covers issues regarding nitrate leaching and specialised horticulture. Defra, PB0587, 1998.
Bird Scarers Code of Practice
Bird scarers & bird deterrents are essential to protect many crops from damage by wild birds. However, if used thoughtlessly they can seriously annoy & disturb the public, thus fuelling the pressure for stricter legal controls. This Code of Practice is designed to promote practices which minimise public nuisance. NFU, 2009.
Northen Ireland Code of Good Agricultural Practice for the Prevention of Pollution of Water, Air and Soil
The code is for farmers, growers, contractors and others involved in agricultural activities and is about how you can help to avoid polluting water, air and soil. It sets out good management practices you can use on farms. Department for Agriculture and Rural Development (DARD) Northern Ireland, ISBN: 978-1-84807-068-4, August 2008.
Pesticide 'Yellow' Code - Code of Practice for Suppliers of Pesticides
This Code, known as the Yellow Code provides guidance for those involved commercially in the sale, supply and storage for sale of pesticides approved for agricultural use. The Code provides guidance on meeting the obligations imposed on individuals and companies involved in these activities under UK and EC legislation. Defra, PB3529, 1998.
Pesticides: Code of practice for using plant protection products (PB11090)
This Statutory Code for professional users of plant protection products replaces and updates three previous codes of practice (green, orange and blue codes) including the code for using pesticides in amenity areas, which was previously a voluntary code. This version of the code applies to England and Wales. This code of practice has been prepared jointly by the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (Defra), the Health and Safety Commission (HSC) and the National Assembly for Wales Environment, Planning and Countryside Department. NOTE: 13 April 2006: Paragraph 3.7.4 of the Code of Practice for using Plant Protection Products, which concerns public rights of way, contains incorrect information and should not be relied upon. PSD will shortly carry out a consultation on a proposed amendment to this paragraph. Defra, PB11090, January 2006.
Pesticides: Code of Practice for using Plant Protection Products in Scotland
The Code of Practice for using Plant Protection Products in Scotland replaces the Code of Practice for the Safe Use of Pesticides on Farms and Holdings (the Green Code). The revised Code has been prepared by the Scottish Executive with the approval of the Health and Safety Commission, and is based on the version prepared by DEFRA for England & Wales. The Scottish version of the Code has been drafted to take account of Scottish legislation, practices, agencies, etc. December 2006.
Polytunnel Code of Practice
The purpose of this Code is to enable growers to demonstrate that they are responding to public concerns regarding social, aestheic and environmental impacts of polythene tunnels. NFU & British Summer Fruits, 2005.
Sulphuric Acid - A Code of Practice
As yet no acceptable alternative for sulphuric acid as a potato desiccant has been produced. This Code of Best Practice has been produced as part of the VI and seeks to make significant improvement to the standards of application of sulphuric acid, allaying public concerns, protecting the environment and ensuring the safety of operators. VI, 2003.
Water, Soil and Air Code 2009: Protecting our Water, Soil and Air. A Code of Good Agricultural Practice for farmers, growers and land managers
This Code of Good Agricultural Practice for protecting Water, Soil and Air is a practical guide to help farmers, growers and land managers protect the environment in which they operate. The Code replaces the separate Water, Air and Soil Codes (PB0587, PB0618 & PB0617) published by the Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food and the Welsh Office Agriculture Department (last revised in 1998). It applies in England. Defra, Environment Agency and Natural England, ISBN 978 0 11 243284 5, January 2009.