07. Inorganic Fertiliser


ARCHIVE: Fertiliser Industry Assurance Scheme (FIAS)
Fertiliser Industry Assurance Scheme (FIAS) covers the areas of fertiliser assurance, security and traceability in the fertiliser industry supply chain. The scheme was launched on 9 January 2005. The areas covered include storage/ports, transport, merchanting, manufacturing and importing. AIC, 2005.
Fertiliser Product Data Safety Sheets
Contains a collection of product safety data sheets relating to agricultural fertilisers and aqueous ammonia. Published by Agricultural Industries Confederation formerly Fertiliser Manufacturers Association (FMA). Agricultural Industries Confederation, February 2004.
Fertiliser Spreaders
Leaflet by the Agricultural Industries Confederation (AIC) providing guidance on choosing, using, servicing and mantaining fertiliser spreaders. Agricultural Industries Confederation (AIC), circa 2004.
Fertiliser: British Survey of Fertiliser Practice
The British Survey of Fertiliser Practice is an annual survey to estimate average application rates of nitrogen, phosphate and potash used for agricultural crops and grassland. Information is also collected on applications of sulphur fertilisers, organic manures and lime. Published by the AIC (formerly FMA).
Fertilisers: Protect the Environment
This is the essential guide to storing solid and liquid fertilsiers. A short, practical leaflet produced by the Agricultural Industries Confederation in partnership with the Environment Agency. This resource also provides access to a Tank Inspection Checklist to help with record keeping. 2005.
Storing and Handling Ammonium Nitrate
HSE Industry Code of Practice on how to safely store and use ammonium nitrate. It explains the hazards, required precautions and how to store and use these products. Published August 1996.