10. Regional Documents

Documents specific to local areas, counties and regions (Under development)


East of England
These are mainly policy and statistical documents relevent to the East of England region.


Agriculture and Land Use in the West Midlands
This promotional leaflet presents facts and figures concerning agriculture in the West Midlands. Environment Agency, 2004.
Amazing Facts about Agriculture in the Midlands
This short leaflet highlights various statistics about agricultural activities in the Midlands including livestock numbers, economic facts, land use and climate change information. Environment Agency, 2004
Biodiversity Factsheets - Worcestershire Biodiversity Action Plan
Worcestershire's Biodiversity Action Plan (WBAP) identifies the most important species and habitats for the county. This collection of colourful factsheets provides information on various species (incl. adders, bats, butterflies, dragonfiles, dormouse, newts, otters, voles, beetles and crayfish) and habitats (incl. hedges, heathlands, meadows, orchards, woodlands, veteran trees, wetlands, rivers and ponds), why they are important and how they are being threatened. Worcestershire Wildlife Trust, 2003.