Environmental Management for Agriculture (EMA)


01. New Library Documents
New documents that have been recently added to library will be listed here.
02. Software to download and other tools
This section contains a number of useful software downloads and online tools from the EMA software including pesticide properties database, soil erosion risk assessment and a geographical database.
03. Full List of Documents in the EMA Library
Full list documents sorted into alphabetical sections
04. Browse Documents by Organisation
Documents sorted into sections based on the author organisation.
05. Browse Documents by Subject
Documents sorted into activity/subject related sections.
06. Regulatory Documents
Documents produced by government departments, agencies and regulators providing guidance on rules, regulations and best practice. Sorted into activity/subject related sections.
07. Industry Documents
Documents produced by various organisation in the agricultural industry providing guidance on best practice. Sorted into activity/subject related sections.
08. Legislation
Summaries of agricultural and environmental legislation for the UK, England, Wales and Scotland, including A to Z indices for each country. An additional index provides access to European Directives and Regulations that are the basis of the country legislation.
09. Summary Documents
Short introductory texts to a range of agricultural and environmental topics.
10. Regional Documents
Documents specific to local areas, counties and regions (Under development)
11. Support Information and Development
Glossarys and contact information. Photo galleries. Archived documents and documents under development.


A to Z Contacts Directory
ADLib Support Information. An A to Z directory of organisations referenced within ADLib and EMA documents. It includes a brief description of the organisation and contact details including email and web addresses.
A to Z Glossary Index
A to Z glossary of items in the ADLib Information Support System
A to Z Photo Gallery Index
Provides quick access to all the photographs and images available within ADLib.