02. Software to download and other tools

This section contains a number of useful software downloads and online tools from the EMA software including pesticide properties database, soil erosion risk assessment and a geographical database.


Manures and Dirty Water Manager Software
This software tool helps you calculate the amount of nutrients (N, P, K & Mg) that are within different slurries and manures according how they are stored, when they are applied, how they are applied and the rate of application. It also helps calculate minimum spreading areas, monhtly spreading requirements, dirty water storage needs and provides a step by step guide to developing a manure management plan. July 2006. Version. 2.0.0.
Pesticide Properties Database (PPDB)
This is a database contains fate and ecotoxicty data for over 1600 pesticides, their metabolites and other constituents. Updated on a daily basis.
Soil Erosion Risk Assessment Software
This software is based on the approach outlined in Defra's soil erosion assessment manual (PB4093). It provides a simple check box approach to identifying the risk of soil erosion on your farm. July 2006. Version. 5.0.0.